Sunday, November 2, 2008

Time keeps marching on!

Shirley took myself (her daughter) and her two granddaughters to Taiwan this past weekend. And she took care of us while we were there with her, no small feat for somebody who just finished 2 rounds of chemo!

These were taken a week before we left for Taiwan, when we went to her house to relax and play.

We went to see our oncologist before we left for Taiwan. We have decided not to go through with the 3rd round of chemo. The treatment is just too harsh on the body. I find it demoralizing, so I can only imagine how my mom feels. In any case, the doctor has provided us with other options, such as doing oral chemotherapy. So we are looking into it, but I think my mom has found an alternative treatment that really suits her.

I think she is really going to pursue qigong, and she is pursuing it with a vengeance! She does qigong about 6-7 hours a day. But for those that know my mom, she has a very strong mind, and I believe this suits her because this is an exercise of the mind. I will hopefully start on my journey through qigong as well. I want to learn more about this and do it myself to understand more intimately what my mom is experiencing!

Taiwan was great to spend time with the family and eat LOTS of yummy yummy food. We all had a wonderful time and it was relaxing.

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Ji-Mei said...

It is so good to see you with your granddaughters. I know you were going to Taiwan at the end of October; I am so happy that all of you were able to go together. You are truly amazing!