Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Round 1

Unfortunately, I come back with yet another post. I had hoped that the last post would be the last post ever regarding cancer, but as we all know, remission in cancer is a tenuous reality.

You have all been so vocal in your caring, your warmth and your love for Shirley, that it seemed necessary to me, to update this blog regarding my mom's health. She started experiencing some pain beginning of November. The doctors, in response to this pain, decided that chemotherapy was the best course of action to take. So, Shirley began her first round of chemo a couple of days before Thanksgiving (November 26). She finished it that same week. It has left her pretty weak.

But to know Shirley is to know a warrior, a fighter with a heart larger than the universe. She continues to fight and is on her road to recovery from her first round of chemo. She is scheduled to start another round of chemo a few days before christmas.

Thankfully, we find that we are surrounded by friends, family and a lot of love and support in our special city by the bay.