Thursday, October 9, 2008

Chemotherapy: Round 2

Shirley made her way back to Hong Kong on the 30th of September.

She started her second round of chemo on the 3rd of October. She finished just yesterday, the 8th of October. I came back from San Francisco with the two girls on Tuesday. We made it to Hong Kong just in time to pick up my mom from the hospital and take her home. We spent the evening with her.

She is in good spirits, although physically, this round has been rather tough.

Everybody from the ISF Community has been so supportive and helpful. We appreciate this enormously, and know that we would not be surviving as well as we are without your help and support. I thank you for being there when I cannot.


Sophia Wong said...

Shirley has been an inspiration to us all. Her winning smile, her spirit and her energy, cannot be undermined.

I accepted the news stoically...being a banker by trade and faced with the current turmoil in the financial markets. Shirley is not in this battle alone! We, as parents of ISF Academy, are in it as well!

We will offer her our full support!

We will accept this challenge together!

We will all face this adversity with our courage and our will.

And We will be a stronger and better united community!

betty said...

Shirley is a rare person. She encompasses the unusual combination of qualities such as being ethical, kind, intelligent, caring, and committed. Her children are the same as a result of her modeling. Shirley is also a fighter and I wish her strength in this new battle against cancer. Her California family wants her to return to her 'home' so we can surround her with the love she so deserves...Betty

Ji-Mei said...

I totally agree with what Betty and Sophia have shared with us. Shirley has always been a tireless champion for good causes, and she is a strong fighter. We are here together to build the circle of supporters for her and for her family. We must find the sound ways to ease her discomfort caused by chemo treatments and for her to be healthy again. She is in my thoughts and prayers daily.