Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Chemotherapy: Round 1

Shirley was diagnosed with metastic cancer on August 27, 2008. She told me about it on Friday, the 29th of August. That same evening she was admitted to the hospital to verify that the tumors found in her liver were indeed malignant. They confirmed that the very next day.

On Wednesday, September 6, she started her first round of chemotherapy. She was scheduled to be discharged on Monday, September 11. She left a week later than anticipated due to an unexplained fever. The doctors never found the source of the infection, but at least they were successful in choosing the right antibiotic to fight the infection. She was much better and out of the hospital on the 18th of Sept.

She was extremely happy to be home. She chose that week to announce news of her illness to the ISF Community.

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