Thursday, October 9, 2008

San Francisco

Shirley decided that it was time to pay a visit to her home of more than 30 years. The city where both her children were born and reared, where she made her life when she ventured out of Taiwan at the ripe young age of 23.

I took this picture while we were in San Francisco. I thought it particularly suitable for this blog. This is Eden, Shirley's eldest grandchild.

We went to the UCSF Cancer Center to obtain a second opinion. We were accompanied by an old family friend, Alice Carnes. She helped us through the visit with humor and a new set of ears, and for this we are very grateful. The doctors at UCSF told us that we were receiving excellent care at the hands of the doctors in Hong Kong. Shirley is receiving top of the line care, and it was nice to get a second opinion confirming this.

Shirley was able to see friends, friends and more friends. This made the visit worth every moment of that harrowing 12 hour flight! I know that my mom misses you all, as we all do!

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